Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Racine, Put Me Well (Victoria Disko mix)

Racine & It Put Me Well (Victoria Disko mix) by Victoria is a Disko
This took a while to get the tone right, But it's the best I could do ha ha!
I loved making this little mix, It's full of classy electro beats and makes you really wish you were in Paris. It is actually inspired by the Parisian style and culture. I wish I could become a Parisian and live in France hopefully the south...

Anyway I hope you enjoy this toxic little beauty, I wanted to make it just perfect for a classy nightclub night out and it's perfect for the ladies, This song 'It Put Me Well' is from Phil Weeks, Who says it was inspired by him taking a certain drug ha ha! And testing Racine with this track really did go great with track, I was inspired by the sounds of Racine and wanted to make it my own.

The next track featured is by a lovely female DJ called La Fleur. Now she hasn't had much coverage or details etc, But the song 'Racine' is very 'French', Which I just love, Her sounds are just fab and so sassy that I listen to the beats all over again!

Yanked (Original Mix)

Equinox - Yanked (Original Mix) by itsequinox
When I first played this track, All I heard was the 'Hey Hey' From one of my all-time fave songs! It begins to go into my mind and I continued to listen carefully to every second of the track... Then it happened.
The song then goes into this big electro beat which I was thinking in my head "What on earth is that! It's gorgeous and sassy!" I'm now wondering if I should get Equinox to give me some tips on how to create a track like this one...

Anyway... I'm blown away at this point, The 'Hey Hey' still features in the song, With it appearing in a different vocal tone.. Then I get blown out of my chair again, I mean I haven't heard anything like this for a very long time! This track is very sassy, Sexy and it's just a good dutch track ha ha!

The 'Hey Hey' will be stuck in my head from now on and this track is going on repeat... 3rd time I've played the track..
Also Euqinox has given me some deets on a new project he's doing, Not actually going to give you any information about it, Because I shall wait until I listen to all of the tracks he's made!
Love this guys music and I hope he makes more club bangers! Enjoy!

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Fusion ft. Clover.

Fusion feat. Clover (Original Mix) by DJ 2 SiiK

This is such and Ambient/Chillout track at the start, But it becomes more house? I really love this track, Listening to it again as we speak ha ha!
It has a really crispy sound and there's nothing fussy, It's just a simple little house track with a little bit of Trance synth in the middle! Just perfect for driving to or dancing to he he.
I knew this guy would impress me, The beat gets me every time I listen to it! Playing it over and over again to hear every beat and it's just perfectly matched and suits the name, Fusion. :)

A lot of people will probably be looking forward to another track, I'm not quite sure yet if there's is one in the making, I'm sure there is! Al is my partner in crime and I'm here for him if he needs any help on any names for tracks!
I'm getting into making my own music, But I've noticed a lot of people are more interested in my remixes/mash up, I'm hopefully going to mix Mary-Jess (Are You the Way Home?) with a little french? DilemN maybe or something a little lighter...
Anyway please listen to Fusion produced by my good friend, He's spent ages working on this track and has been giving me regular updates about it! Love this DJ to bits!

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Favorite Tracks May 2011

So it has taken me a while to get back to you ha ha! I have so much to tell you all!
Well, Today I bought my first software program! So I'm really happy I can produce music and have fun with it... Also I have just only noticed, Some of the DJs I love and adore perform on radio stations worldwide! Didn't know that!
Anyway, My fave tracks this month was hard for me to pick, Due to the fact that there are so many out there and I can't choose them all can I... We shall start with Soundcloud, As it is my home for the time being. :)
  1. My two fave guys have both made something I will love to here again, First track is Aliens by DJ2Siik.. And the other is Equinox's Abobada Preview... (Dying to hear the full) (Both can be found on my blog just below this post)
  2. My next fave song is something of a timeless classic! Roger Sanchez's Another Chance, Need I say more? Been my fave for almost a decade and it never gets/sounds old, It just has a feel good beat about it.
  3. Just been listening to this whilst writing this he he. It's a beautiful, Classy bootleg from the talented female DJ Miss Nine! My all-time inspiration! Has worked with David Guetta too! Stunning and beautifully mixed, This track was one of my faves back the late 90s, And I love it even more! :) Enjoy!
  4. This track is just sexy and has a really sort of Avicii sound to it? Still very housey! Which I love! It's Malo and it has just been released..Love the vocals and the rhythm is just the best! Enjoy. :)
  5. Firstly this DJ is just the funniest! And a flirt! Ha ha! I'm kidding, But the video makes the ladies for him! Worked on me.. Ha ha! So here we go, This is Paul van Dyk with For an Angel (2009 mix) And it's just a feel good anthem, With lots of sweetness and a bit of sourness too! Good track to listen to whilest getting ready to go out or a good dinner party song to have in the background :) Enjoy!
  6. My very last track is one of my all time faves! Much sexier than Avicii's Malo, This is Mr Saxobeat from Alexandra Stan.. The video is just super feminene and I love the whole Romanian beat/synths tones, Think it's Romania's turn to show us what they've got! Enjoy. :)
    Track listings:
    1. Abobada - Equinox
    2. Aliens - DJ 2 Siik
    3. Another Chance - Roger Sanchez (
    4. For an Angel (2009) - Paul van Dyk (
    5. Malo - Avicii (
    6. Mr. Saxobeat - Alexandra Stan (
    7. Sunchyme (Miss Nine Bootleg) - Dario G (

      Friday, 6 May 2011


      Equinox - Adobada (Preview) by itsequinox
      This track is mind blowing! The start of the track is just... wow. As the song goes through and makes it's way to the end, It just sit's in your head and you just begin bobbing your head a little and humming to the tune, which is mixed nicely! It's like a cocktail, With a lot of ice, and a lot of vodka! It'll be a club banger for sure!
      This is only a preview as well! Shocked at how Equinox (Real Name Abraham) mixed this and just made it very dutch! Giving music a good name ha ha! I hope everyone can really enjoy this track as much as I have, Because it just has so many different beats/drops/tones, makes me want to create my own sort of dutch/house beats!

      Another track I need you to listen to is 'Hanspree'. (Same artist) This track is a must if you like strong house beats. :)
      Well I'm sure I'll be finding amazing tracks from my dear friends very soon. Keep reading!

      Thursday, 28 April 2011

      Alberto Hermosillo (AKA DJ 2 Siik)

      Aliens (Original Mix) by DJ 2 SiiK
      This is my first track that I very much enjoyed listening too!  The beat at the start is just very simple, as the track goes on, It's just a really energetic, playful kind of mix that I adore. 0:50 just blows me away, Especially when the bass kicks in at the end of this beautiful rhythm! It just continues throughout the song, making it stick into your head and just making you want to listen to it over again. Defiantly perfect for his first time track, Really simple and just an amazing track that I'm sure will become featured someday!

      Two minutes into the song and it really sounds amazing, The water drop effect does sound like lasers and that aliens have been attacking us, I really want everyone to notice this guys talent! I hope he makes more tracks like this in the future!
      Another track you should check out as well, Is his Angel Mix... I just love the first track at the start and the transitions are very playful and soft and also it's full of house and progressive tunes that I'm sure everyone will enjoy! Watch out for this guy! :)

      Peace! Victoria